Back to School Jam: Block Party - Media & Graphics Package (Download)
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Back to School Jam: Block Party - Media & Graphics Package (Download)

  • $99.00

If you’ve already reserved your Back to School Jam: Block Party” FREE event kit, it’s time to add even more engagement and make the event even easier for you to produce! 

***ATTENTION: If you are a 252 Kids curriculum subscriber, DO NOT PURCHASE! The Back to School Jam Media Package is included in your curriculum downloads.

Make your “Back to School Jam: Block Party” celebration for the whole family stand out with video elements, music, additional graphics, marketing pieces, and much more! Let us take care of the details so you can focus on your volunteers and families as you create a memorable Family Experience!

“Back to School Jam: Block Party” Media & Graphics Package includes:

Video Elements

  • Bible Story Video (Puppet Head Theater)
  • Two Animated Transition Videos
  • 30-second Themed Countdown Video
  • 60-second Themed Countdown Video
  • One Thing Video

Music Files (Theme Song)

  • Friends with You
    • Full Mix
    • Performance Track – BGV & Instrumental
    • Dance Instructional Video
    • Live Lyric Video
    • Lyric Sheet
    • Chord Chart

Volunteer Resources

  • Volunteer Training Meeting
  • Volunteer Appreciation Gift Tag

Marketing Materials

  • Printable Bulletin Insert
  • Printable Event Banner (24″x36″)
  • Printable Event Poster – Standard (11″x17″)
  • Website Banner Images
  • T-Shirt Artwork
  • Digital Ad Images – 4 Sizes
  • Facebook Event, Cover and Group Banner Images
  • Twitter Banner Images
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Post Images
  • Email Header Images
  • Letterhead
  • PDF Template

Computer Graphic Files (CG)

  • Theme Slide (Alternate Version)
  • Life App Definition Slide (Alternate Version)

Logo Files

  • Back to School Jam Logo – B&W and Color
  • Block Party Logo – B&W and Color
  • Combo Logo – B&W and Color
  • Supporting Graphic Files

Video samples:

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