It's Personal Student Series and Book Bundle
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It's Personal Student Series and Book Bundle

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This bundle (with 5 or more copies of the book It’s Personal) will get you the 5-week It’s Personal series from XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School, It’s Personal training videos, and the It’s Personal Reading Guide FREE. Normally, XP3 curriculum can only be found in an XP3 curriculum annual subscription. But for a limited time, we’re adding the series and extras for FREE when you buy the books. 

Shipping and delivery: We’ll email you a link to the free resources after purchase of this bundle. Please select either the 5-book bundle or the 10-book bundle above, under “Copies.”

Already an Orange Students (XP3) subscriber? Click here to save on the It’s Personal Book Bundle, for a limited time.

This bundle includes: 

  • It’s Personal – Five (or 10) copies of the book It’s Personal, by Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy, and Virginia Ward. (Select either the 5-book bundle or the 10-book bundle above, under “Copies.” Read more about the book It’s Personal below.)
  • It’s Personal Student Series – Two premium-level curriculum packages (for middle school and high school), including teaching scripts, large and small group plans, games, graphics and video packages, daily devotionals for students, email package for connecting with parents, social media, and planning guides for communicators, worship leaders, and ministry leader. (Read more about the It’s Personal Student Series below.)
  • It’s Personal Videos – Three video presentations by Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy, and Virginia Ward. Over 60 minutes of discussion starters and vision-casting from the authors of It’s Personal, to help you equip your volunteers. (Available in streaming video.)
  • It’s Personal Reading Guide – Questions for self-reflection and team discussion plus practical next steps, to share with your small group leaders. (Available in downloadable PDF.)


A practical guide for a personal (and more effective and fulfilling) approach to discipling kids and teenagers, It’s Personal revisits the story of Zacchaeus and explores Jesus’ simple model for how to be personal. It’s Personal is for leaders and volunteers who work with children and teenagers. Consider giving this short read to all your small group leaders, rookie or veteran, as a part of your training. Use it to get everyone in your age-group ministries (staff and volunteer, preschool through high school) on the same page.



We all have one thing in common: We want to be seen, known, and valued for who we are. We don’t want fake relationships; we want personal ones. In this series for middle school and high school students, we’ll be looking at Jesus and His interactions with Zacchaeus. We’ll see five ways Jesus made it personal and what that means for our lives. We’re taking a cue from the way Jesus did it to give students an idea of just how to make everything—including their relationship with Him—a little more personal.

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