MarriedPeople One Night Event: Fun With featuring Ted Cunningham (Download)
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MarriedPeople One Night Event: Fun With featuring Ted Cunningham (Download)

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Fun With (Larger Group Experience)

Core Habit: Have Serious Fun

Scripture: Song of Songs 1:14, 17; 2:8-13; 7:11-12

Do you miss having fun with your spouse? Do you even remember what that was like? For some, it’s a distant memory with brief flashes of laughter, joy, connection. We long for it, we just don’t know how to make it happen. But what if there was a way to make a connection every day? A way to lay the groundwork for the date night? Then take things to a whole new level with an annual escape? It’s possible. And it might be easier than you realize.

This download gives you the following content:

  • Communicator Video (featuring Ted Cunningham) - so you can let the video teach
  • Communicator Script and Outline (edited script from the Communicator Video) - so you can teach live and just customize our transcript
  • Host Script - all the words you need to know to set the tone for the night and also make you look better than Ryan Seacrest
  • Checklist - to help you prepare for the event
  • Suggestions for program order and music
  • 2 WITH videos to use during programming
  • Computer Graphics for event games and table questions
  • MarriedPeople logos
  • Promotional materials (printable postcard and bulletin insert, promo video, etc.)
  • Social Media Plan to implement post-event
  • Childcare Reimbursement form

You can use these resources for a one-night event, worship service or retreat session.

Communicator Video Preview:

Promo Video:

Files may not be repackaged or resold in any capacity.

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