MarriedPeople One Night Event: Not With featuring Ted Lowe (Download)
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MarriedPeople One Night Event: Not With featuring Ted Lowe (Download)

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Not With (Larger Group Experience)

Core Habit: Practice Your Promise

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6:12, 18

When talking about marriage, most people focus a lot of on the time you are WITH each other. But if you’re like most couples, your NOT WITH time is greater than your WITH time. You have work, family, volunteer commitments . . . traffic. All things that keep you running in two different directions. So is there a way to redeem your Not With time? Because when it comes to connecting with your spouse, your not with time is just as important as your with time.

This download gives you the following content:

  • Communicator Video (featuring Ted Lowe) - so you can let the video teach
  • Communicator Script and Outline (edited script from the Communicator Video) - so you can teach live and just customize our transcript
  • Host Script - all the words you need to know to set the tone for the night and also make you look better than Ryan Seacrest
  • Checklist - to help you prepare for the event
  • Suggestions for program order and music
  • 2 WITH videos to use during programming
  • Computer Graphics for event games and table questions
  • MarriedPeople logos
  • Promotional materials (printable postcard and bulletin insert, promo video, etc.)
  • Social Media Plan to implement post-event
  • Childcare Reimbursement form

You can use these resources for a one-night event, worship service or retreat session.

Communicator Video Preview:

Promo Video:

Files may not be repackaged or resold in any capacity.

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