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The Small Group Leader Survival Kit
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The Small Group Leader Survival Kit

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If you want this week’s small group conversation to matter more, you want to be ready for anything. 

The supplies you need to help you rescue your small group conversation in the event of emergencies like…

out of control extroverts.

awkward silences.

irrelevant rabbit trails.

and general chaos. 

Each SGL Survival Kit Includes…

A confetti popper

Because when someone new joins your group, it’s your job to help them feel connected. Celebrate their first week with your group with a confetti popper!

A stack of icebreaker questions

It’s not easy to come up with icebreaker questions on the spot. Grab a few of your icebreaker questions when you need some help at the beginning of group.

A noisemaker

Your few need to be celebrated. Whether it’s because of a birthday, a report card, a great game, or a new record time in Mario Kart, sometimes one of your few will need to be celebrated – and you’ll need to be prepared.

A stress ball

Have you ever led a conversation where everyone had something to say? About everything? At the exact same time? In those moments, you need a stress ball (and maybe some ear plugs). Here’s how to use it: 1- Clear your throat dramatically. 2- Say, “For the rest of small group, you may only speak if you’re holding this ball.” 3- Give the ball to the kid or teenager of your choice.

A Pen and notebook

Need to switch things up to keep conversation going? Maybe try having your few write or draw their answers and maybe talk about what they wrote. Blank sheets of paper are always needed in group, and now you can always have some on hand.

A bag

In students groups, there’s nothing more distracting than a phone. In kid groups… it could be anything from a toy they brought from home to a shoelace. Whatever distracts your few, start your small group by asking everyone (including you!) to drop their phones, toys, permanent markers, etc into the bag until the conversation is over.* 

*(We also recommend filling the rest of the available space in your bag with candy.)

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