XP3 HS Curriculum Expansion Pack (Spring 2021)
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XP3 HS Curriculum Expansion Pack (Spring 2021)

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A curriculum add-on designed for XP3 High School Partners who host more than one weekly gathering for their students. The curriculum Expansion Pack is designed to save you money, energy, brain power, and time. 

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Included in this Expansion Pack: 

  • Teacher/Small Group Leader Preparation Material 
  • Teacher/Small Group Leader Guides 
  • Student Worksheets
  • 12 additional lessons that work alongside the 12 weeks of XP3 High School Curriculum and student daily devotionals 

Spring 2021 Series Descriptions:  

  • More to the Story (4 Weeks) A Series About Sex
  • Do Something (4 Weeks): A Series on Injustice
  • Afterlife (3 Weeks): A Series about Easter and the Resurrection
  • I Have Questions - Coping (1 Week): A Message about Coping/Numbing

NOTE: This Expansion Pack is designed to work alongside XP3 High School Curriculum. It will not work well as a stand-alone option. Not an XP3 Partner? Find out more here.

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