XP3 HS Even If Teaching Videos
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XP3 HS Even If Teaching Videos

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Videos for XP3 Students series, Even If. This series is available to XP3 Students subscribers only. Here is a brief description of the Even If series:

For better or worse change shows up in our lives and tests what we’re made of. There’s good change like getting the date or making the team, bad change like divorce or medical diagnosis, and complicated change like switching schools or choosing a healthy break-up. Change brings so many emotions which makes us ask all kinds of questions. Am I strong enough to face this? Is it even worth it to go through this? Can I/should I handle this alone? In this series, students will be challenged to rethink how they view change and we’ll explore how God’s commitment to us doesn’t change, even if everything else does.

WEEK 1: God doesn’t change, even if...

WEEK 2: God is with you, even if...

WEEK 3: You can have courage, even if...

WEEK 4: You’ll be stronger, even if..

All videos provided in downloadable .MP4 format.

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