XP3 HS I Have Questions Teaching Video
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XP3 HS I Have Questions Teaching Video

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Videos for XP3 Students series, I Have QuestionsThis series is available to XP3 Students subscribers only. Here is a brief description of the I Have Questions series:

Got questions? Whether we’re asking them out loud or swirling them around silently in our minds, the truth is, we all have questions. And this week, we’ll address one of those questions head on. Because when it comes to tough questions, it’s time to start talking.

Week on Vaping

It’s usually pretty easy to tell when something is or isn’t a big deal. Eating at Taco Bell instead of McDonald’s? Not a big deal. Doing drugs? Big deal. Forgetting to take the garbage out? Not a big deal. But when it comes to something like vaping, sometimes things aren’t as clear. Is vaping okay? Is vaping a big deal or not? This week, we’ll find out.

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