XP3 HS The Upside Down Kingdom Teaching Videos
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XP3 HS The Upside Down Kingdom Teaching Videos

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Videos for XP3 Students series, The Upside Down Kingdom. This series is available to XP3 Students subscribers only. Here is a brief description of the The Upside Down Kingdom series:

You can probably tell your teenagers are gaining more and more influence, authority, and power in their lives–even if it’s in small ways like having later curfews, getting car keys, or having more say in how they spend their time and money. You’ve probably also noticed they’re more vocal about their opinions of the power structures they see at home and in the media. And what happens when those in authority don’t behave in a way that’s worth following? Well in this series,The Upside Down Kingdom, we’re inviting students to examine how Jesus turned the world upside down with the unexpected ways he used his power.

WEEK 1: Jesus turned the idea of power upside down.

WEEK 2: In the upside down kingdom, honor is greater than power.

WEEK 3: In the upside down kingdom, power is for lifting up, not tearing down

All videos provided in downloadable .MP4 format.

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